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Rock and Roll Never Forgets

It’s a woebegone object when we, as baby boomers, begin to feel like “old fogies” when it comes to music and the “hip” things going on in familiar culture. It’s also easy to forget that the rock music and many other genres of modern music got their launch way back during the days when baby boomers were the young people changing group and it was our melody that changed the microcosm.

So it’s good for baby boomers to remember such things about their heritage and what they passed on to the music and carousal culture immediately. In the song “Rock and Roll Never Forgets” by Drop Seger, the singer reviews the changes baby boomers hold gone through as they go from youth to middle age and deal with pressures of slogging, family, tot rearing and changes in health due to aging. But the end result remains the same that at the heart of every baby boomer is a rock and roller who is just as capable as ever of enjoying the music that was the foundation of their culture.

One of the things that disheartened the baby boomer generation growing up was seeing the rock and roll life style take its toll on many of the icons of youth culture and music including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Freddie Mercury. But the unfortunate demise of these music heroes does not diminish the great contribution to music and to culture down through the years. So through much as we grieve the loss of great talent, we can always celebrate what they gave to us and continue to pass down to us down to modern times as music continues to reference those great figures of 60s music as icons and inspirations.

But for every rock and roller who did not survive that turbulent time in our culture, we can look to great performers who did survive, overcame their addictions and went on to continue to give great music to the world decade after decade. Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie are examples of wonderful and talented music heroes that demonstrated that age and a few wrinkles don’t mean a thing. They continue to rock and roll today because hard and with as much heart as they did when they were in their twenties.

In a way “to rock and roll” is a metaphor for living life to its fullest and for staying true to your values and living life in a genuine way that never gives up on what’s important in life. That is why baby boomers have always had the greatest contempt for anyone who sells out or abandons their bull's eye principles that they espoused in youth. To sell out is to say that none of the ample history of the youth revolution meant anything and we are willing to turn out backs on it. But to “rock and roll” means always going funnel to your roots and never giving up, parallel when develop, and busy lives and poor health express that you should stormless down and not try to live with as much earnestness as you did when you were young.

Baby boomers, even at this dignified and “mature” stage in life, should feel liberated to be potent to go ahead and “rock and roll” in a real sense of the word. The Bob Seger song was a hit because it gives us permission to reconnect adumbrate our roots and unconditional that youthful enthusiasm again. You don’t have to snap to a nostalgia show to do that either. There are dozens of great rock and roll acts that are giving to the children of baby boomers ( and their grandchildren ) that same excitement we got from The Beatles and The Stones.

“Discovering” rock and roll all over again can be great fun for a baby boomer especially when you find a new act that has that power and ability to effect that reminds us of the acts of our youth. They are out there so just get out there and uncover this great accustomed resource of talent in the music and culture of today’s youth revolution.


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