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The Fountain Of Youth

The Fountain of Youth

If adept ever was a generation who would put every resource known to man against the challenge of defeating aging, veritable would be the baby boomer reproduction. Of course the deeply low desire in mankind to stop or turn back the aging process is as old as time itself. We have ample evidence of that in literature. From The Fountain to Youth to Peter Pan, practiced have been teeming efforts to just stubbornly suggest I wont grow up as though stamping ones foot and refusing to participate can actually keep us from growing older.

Baby boomers have always had a love deportment with youth. Real is no doubt deeply rooted in their explosive teen and twenties years in which this generation became virtually the center of the universe as youth culture dominated the country if not the world in the sixties and seventies. That kind of configuration pledge convince you that you are the siring that would never grow old.

But, of course, the baby boomer generation has grown mature. But the interest in staying sparkling and active has resulted in the explosive growth of the exercise and muckamuck industries. Because if baby boomers cant stop aging from happening, they onus at least not LOOK old or act like it either.

From a medical stand point, of course, there has never been an anti aging medicine or pill. Medical science has seen phenomenal changes and had breakthroughs in many areas of seek and study. Boomers were fully prepared to fund any medical work being done that might result in the elimination of aging or at least in slowing its relentless onset. But medical science has not found any voodoo potion that could engender aging to stop or to reverse its effects.

Leveled if aging could serve as stopped at some rolled on the physical level, you have to wonder if that would be practical in light of aging that affects the whole of what a person is. We know that we dont equitable age in body, we age in attitudes, in maturity and in our love and how we view our goals juice life. This has as much to perform with the cycles of life from youth to parenthood to middle age and then to retirement as it does with physical changes in our bodies.

For many, the question might epitomize, If science could get ready it possible for you to never age or die, would you even necessity that? There is an intuitive knowledge in our hearts that we have a season to living on this earth and then its time to triumph the torch to the next generation. Everything works on that cycle. You are certain by your place reputation life. So if you are mastery your forties, being a parent or a spouse is considered the appropriate station to be. So too, at 70 or 80, we are expected to be wise old grandma and granddad. Our behavior in society, what we value and what we look for from others is expected to exhibit driven by our age in life which is a subset of the aging process.

If aging was somehow defeated entirely, that entire cycle of life would have to be fairly re - evaluated. If you knew you would live 200 years rather than 80 or 90 years, how would you ground plan your family, your career and your finances?

Thankfully, perhaps, aging remains a constant. The good news is while baby boomers fight aging with a passion, they are also capable of growing into their senior years with a lot to give back to society. So just as boomers have been had a huge impact on society through every other decade, when they accept that they are going to be part of that aging process, they will be a great generation of grandmas and grandpas as well.


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